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I guess I better dust off this blog and show some knitting.

There was no knitting for the year of the tendon problems with my right hand. I’m still having a trigger finger on my right ring finger but I’m ignoring it.

So far I have knit 2 hats for Tom. The Blue Barley hat was the first on. The second is the Bankhead Hat.  The Blue hat is Cascade 220 and the Green is Web’s yarn in Green Heather.005002

Then I finished a hat for ME! Cattywampus Hat. I held Lorna’s Laces and Regia together. I like the way the black made the colors pop. 001

Then I knit a Louie the LoveBot for my Great-Granddaughter. 007

And I finally finished her Bea the Basement Monster for her. They were gifted to her for her 4th Birthday.004

Currently I’m working on a Louie the Lovebot in Mardi Gras colors for me. And I have 1 active sock on the needles, in a teal color dyed by Mad Color Fiber Arts. (I love Heather’s colorways.)

That’s about it for now. Hopefully it won’t take me 2 years to blog again.

Happy Knitting!


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They’re Done!

I have finished “The Mittens”. I will not hear again “I have 1 1/2 mittens, she won’t finished the other one.” (This said with a lot of pouting.)

Well they are done. mittens 005


The kit was purchased at the Massachusetts Sheep & Wool Fair in Cummington, MA. (It was in the spring of 2006, I think!) I bought it from GREENWOOD HILL FARM’S

Merino Fleece Stuffed Mittens Kit

The yarn is a Chocolate Brown, the softest Merino you have ever touched, and Pewter fleece.

I would have finished these a lot quicker, but later that summer I was a little distracted. Tom himself took center stage with me because of health reasons. I did manage to get a lot of socks knit though.

One thing I found out was that I should not stop something when I’m half done. My gauge was off and I way over stuffed the second mitten. I have been so close to ripping out the second one. I’m done with them. I swear, I will not reknit that second mitten!

He seems to be happy with them. mittens 007 (Or he just says he is because he knows how upset I would be if he didn’t like them.)

Now I get to knit without hearing him mumbling under his breath, “I wonder if you’ll ever finish my mittens.”

Well that’s about all for tonight. I’m going to sit and knit on a sock or two.

Happy knitting

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