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I guess I better dust off this blog and show some knitting.

There was no knitting for the year of the tendon problems with my right hand. I’m still having a trigger finger on my right ring finger but I’m ignoring it.

So far I have knit 2 hats for Tom. The Blue Barley hat was the first on. The second is the Bankhead Hat.  The Blue hat is Cascade 220 and the Green is Web’s yarn in Green Heather.005002

Then I finished a hat for ME! Cattywampus Hat. I held Lorna’s Laces and Regia together. I like the way the black made the colors pop. 001

Then I knit a Louie the LoveBot for my Great-Granddaughter. 007

And I finally finished her Bea the Basement Monster for her. They were gifted to her for her 4th Birthday.004

Currently I’m working on a Louie the Lovebot in Mardi Gras colors for me. And I have 1 active sock on the needles, in a teal color dyed by Mad Color Fiber Arts. (I love Heather’s colorways.)

That’s about it for now. Hopefully it won’t take me 2 years to blog again.

Happy Knitting!


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We are on our way to Parkersburg, WV. Tom’s aunt passed away and we are going to the services. She was a very nice lady, Sorry to say that we had not seen her  as much as we would have liked in the last few years. She had moved to Colorado to be near her 2 sons.
It will be nice to see his cousins which we have not seen since my Mother-in-laws passing.
I am writing this in route. We are on Interstate 80 in PA. We spent last night at Amanda’s. She has only the 2 little ones home, the other 2 are with their Dad. We will be spending Tuesday night at her house then heading back home.
We stopped at a rest area because it was raining so hard you could hardly see the road in front of you. But we are back on the road.
This week at work will be the beginning of Camp Madness 2. Second session starts July 22. Oh Joy. It is nice to get away from it for a few days, but I have a feeling I’ll be at the pharmacy a lot for the next week or so.
I’m really enjoying this lap top. Someday the newness will wear off, but for now I think this is so cool. We are driving down the road and I’m typing a blog post! I think I’m starting to get just a little bit “geeky”. Cool.
I have been knitting on my “Little Silk Shrug” from Lace Style book. I am making it with Cotton Ease. So it seems a little strange to call it Little Silk Shrug.
When I bought the yarn at Michael’s in Wilkes Barre, PA, I had bought 2 skeins of 6 or more colors. Brought the yarn out to the truck to ask Tom which would be the best color to match a dress I had brought along. He didn’t like any of the colors and suggested I should use white yarn. Good thing we were still in the parking lot! Just imagine, I had to buy more yarn!
I have almost 12 inches of it knit. I don’t think I’ll have it done in time to wear, but at least I’ll have a shrug when I am done with it!
I bought so much Cotton Ease because I want to knit some “shopping bags”.
I’m going to put the computer away for now and knit some more. I’ll post this tonight. Happy knitting.
We have arrived safely and have met with family. It’s late and there’s a lot to do tomorrow. Have a nice evening. I just might finish the shrug tomorrow!


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Why, just why

I decided to go into work today. Finally got going and left the house about 12:30. I got to town (GB) and the traffic was unreal! It took almost 30minutes to go 3 or 4 miles. While waiting in traffic an ambulance came through, it has to drive in the other lane because our line of traffic was going nowhere!

It really is not fun living in Touristville. I must have been insane to go out on a Saturday afternoon. A Holiday Saturday afternoon. I must have forgotten to take my meds again.

Traffic was so bad I didn’t dare try to knit. I would have rear-ended the car in front of me if I tried it. So not much knitting done in that half hour.

When I got home my Knit Picks package was here! Yeah, Yarn goodies! Now that I have an Options Bag I have Knit Picks wooden interchangeable needles. US Sizes 4,5,6,7 & 8. Also 24″ and 36″ cables. I have some large metal Metal options needles. Also some Wool of the Andes. Colorways: Fairy Tale, Cranberry, Tulip, Spruce and Amethyst Heather. I want to make a felted bag and I think these colors will work nicely.

I have a baby/toddler shrug to make/finish before next weekend.

While at Bob’s house yesterday Jess and Tom tried to get Jazz to get into the water. Here is a picture of Jazz 004 this is as close as she got to getting into the water. There was one point when she almost backed into the water, but stopped when she realized what she was doing. (Click on pic to read note)

I did try to take pictures of the fireworks. 012 021 013 (click pics to enlarge) I have a tendency to shack the camera a bit so it made the pictures come out kind of cool.

Well, I better get back to knitting, this shrug isn’t knitting it self.

Have a nice evening. Happy Knitting!


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Birthdays can be fun!

Monday was my Birthday. I want to thank everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes.

JessaLu and Roger gave me an Options Tote bag.Options Tote 001 It’s a really nice bag. Check out the pics of it. Options Tote 002 Options Tote 003 Options Tote 004 Options Tote 005 The center divider comes out, there’s a detachable vinyl pouch. It’s got pockets, pockets and pockets. It’s really cool.

Now I must find a project worthy of it.

Amanda and the kids were here to celebrate with me too. The children painted me some very pretty magnets. Magnets 002 Jess & Roger had a cake for me and Amanda made Cupcakes. They were good. (She made the cupcakes because I am allergic to milk and she wanted to make sure I would be able to have cake. Did I mention they were good?) It was nice to be with the family on my birthday. The only one missing was Heather. She had to work.

This has been quite a week. Camp (3 of them) started this week. We are doing the meds for the 3 camps. Thanks to all the hard work that Angie has put into this everything has been going well. It has been nothing like it was last summer. Thank goodness for that!

I finished a pair of socks Wednesday morning. And I’ve picked up my Dream in Color sweater. Working on the second sleeve. Also doing a couple of rows on my Large Funky Monkey.

I’ve been trying to accumulate CE for my Re-Certification.  I have to have that all together before July 20. I have to really buckle down and get this done. I was able to get my 2 Law credits Tuesday night. I have to re-certify every 2 years, you would think that  I would not wait until the last minute, but no.

 Well, that’s about it for now. I need to get to those CE’s. And knit.

BREAKING NEWS FLASH: Friday, June 27, 2008, Massachusetts; Jane uses BB gun and doesn’t hit her truck!! Truck was parked in another state! Lucky truck!

This last paragraph was added by Tom. Smart A$$

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Earlier this morning I tried to shoot the black squirrel, he was in the birdseed again. Well I took Tom’s bb gun, pumped it and pulled the trigger. The bb “spit out of the barrel” and bounced a couple of feet away from me. The squirrel was safe, he was very safe.
Later after Tom got home I told him what happened. So he grabbed the bb gun and we went outside to see if it was me or the gun. It was me. I tried again, pumped it, aimed at the paint can, squeezed the trigger and……. I hit something.
Upon investigation I discovered that what I hit was……. 5_26_08 Truck 006
my truck.

Now this is not 100% my fault. I do not usually park my truck in this spot. It was parked there Saturday so that Tom could take the Bug Eye to the cruise in Cannan than evening. I was going to move it the next day, but he wanted me to leave it there, in case he needed to get into that side of the garage for some reason. So see? It’s not ALL my fault. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

See my pretty side window now? 5_26_08 Truck 008 Now everyone is going to want one. Right?
There has been knitting on the home-front. I’m at the ribbing on the bottom of my Easy V neck sweater. Easy V Neck sweater 1
Have to go watch the Grand daughter march in her last Memorial Day Parade.
Bye for now!

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(Click on photos to see notes)

Well tonight is my oldest Granddaughter’s Senior Prom. Tom & I went to see her & her BF all dressed up. I did take pictures. Beanie This is Beanie, who was very happy to see us. (Tom always gives the dogs “cookies” whenever we visit.) And this is JessaLu Jessa Lu (She doesn’t like it when I take her picture.)
Oh, you wanted to see a picture of the kids? I’ll let Jess post those pictures first. Besides, my pics look a little fuzzy.

And today I got Flowers! Heather's Senior Prom 2008 001 Blue Iris & Pink Tulips. (The flowers are from Jess, Roger, Dobby &crew)  I can’t wait for them to open up.

I have finished my Charlotte’s Web Shawl. Putting on the fringe was a lot of fun. After I gave it a “hair cut” I put the trimmings out for the squirrels & birds for nest making. Heather's Senior Prom 2008 003

As I have mentioned in a previous post I’ve been making a few cloth napkins: Heather's Senior Prom 2008 002 So far I have made about 35. They are really fun to make. At this rate I’m going to have to start giving them away!

I’ll see if Tom can take a picture of Charlotte for me tomorrow. Or Sunday.

Have a nice weekend, and if I don’t post Sunday, Happy Mother’s Day!

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Last Tuesday, April 8, I decided to take some pics of the ice still on Lake Garfield. Charlotte and pics of lake 004
 I had a really great post to go with it. Only problem the post was in my head, never made it to the blog. My week got busy and all of the sudden, it’s Sunday!

Well, the ice is all off the lake now. Charlotte and pics of lake 002 And yesterday it was actually Hot! I think it got up to 70 degrees. Today it’s been in the 40’s.

My sister & I got together Saturday and went to the Library in the little town where she lives. When we went inside (at 10am) it was a little chilly. But when we came out at Noon it was very warm! What a difference in just 2 hours.

I have been knittng and finished crocheting the edge on my Charlotte. Now I have to weave in the ends and block here. Then I get to make the fringe!Charlotte and pics of lake 006

My wrist is aching, I’ve been working on my (one of many) sock(s).  So there has been knitting.  

I drove to Pittsfield today. Had to buy some light blue flannel so that Amanda can finish the quilt I started for Corra. (I did the top just have not had the time or “steam” to finish it.)

Well this has certainly been a rambling blog. I’m tired and guess it’s time for this little knitter to head off to bed.

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