I guess I better dust off this blog and show some knitting.

There was no knitting for the year of the tendon problems with my right hand. I’m still having a trigger finger on my right ring finger but I’m ignoring it.

So far I have knit 2 hats for Tom. The Blue Barley hat was the first on. The second is the Bankhead Hat.  The Blue hat is Cascade 220 and the Green is Web’s yarn in Green Heather.005002

Then I finished a hat for ME! Cattywampus Hat. I held Lorna’s Laces and Regia together. I like the way the black made the colors pop. 001

Then I knit a Louie the LoveBot for my Great-Granddaughter. 007

And I finally finished her Bea the Basement Monster for her. They were gifted to her for her 4th Birthday.004

Currently I’m working on a Louie the Lovebot in Mardi Gras colors for me. And I have 1 active sock on the needles, in a teal color dyed by Mad Color Fiber Arts. (I love Heather’s colorways.)

That’s about it for now. Hopefully it won’t take me 2 years to blog again.

Happy Knitting!

New Year! New Hat!

I have wanted one of these hats for a few years. I like it because it looks so silly! I’m thinking of making one for my Grandson. I think he will like it, because it has Yellow in it.


Christmas was not a lot of fun for me this year. I was very sick a few days before. By Christmas Day I was feeling a lot better. But I’m still dealing with a cough on January . But that could be because of the wood smoke from our furnace.

I’m working on another pair of mittens for Madison. These are made out of year left over from a hat I made for her Father a couple of Christmas’ ago.

We have snow on the ground, got about 2 inches of fluff last night. It has warmed up. Temps were in the low 30’s today. So much better than a few days ago, our high was maybe 5 above zero, Fahrenheit. And it was windy just to make it worse.

Going to get back to this mitten. I would like to have it done before her birthday, the 13th,

Happy Knitting!


I did a little kniitting for Christmas. I made my Great-Granddaughter, Maddy Beth, 2 pair of mittens for Christmas. The whole time I was knitting them I was thinking of my Grandmother & all the wonderful mittens she knit for her Grandchildren.

I still have 1 mitten that she knit for me when I was little. It’s very precious to me.

My Grandmother was a wonderful woman. She knit, crocheted, tatted, sewed. I’m sure she did many other “crafty” things.

My Mom was crafty. She sewed, a lot! I remember wonderful Halloween costumes, my sister & I were autumn trees one year. Complete with multi colored maple leaves cut from crape paper & sewn together. She even made cute little hats out of crape paper.

She made our clothes for us. And my sister would have matching outfits.

I am so grateful for the Creative Women in my life.

With every stitch I knit, I think of them.

It’s been a while.

Blogging is not something I’m good at. Too bad my FaceBook post couldnd’t just become blog posts! They probably can I just don’t know how to make that happen, oh well.

I have been knitting. Working on a pair of mittens for my Great Granddaughter tonight. Found a copy of Classic Mittens on the Internet. They are from a pattern book I have cherished for a very long time. This is the web site they are on.   http://www.freevintageknitting.com/mittens/615-mittens-pattern.html   I knit these mittens for my daughters when they were little. I didn’t do a whole lot of knitting back then but every time I did knit I though of my Grandmother. She made the best mittens in the whole world! The cuffs were really long & kept the snow off your wrists. Her pattern was our hand traced on a piece of paper. She was the Grandmother who tried to teach me to knit. I’m so glad she was my Grandmother. I still have 1 of the mittens she made me. Just one, don’t know where it’s mate is. Considering it’s almost 50 years old I’m lucky I still have it. I come across it every so often & think back to when I was little and remember bundling up to go out side & play in the snow.

I must get back to my knitting. Or little Miss Maddy Beth will only have 1 mitten, like her GMa. 😉

Merry Christmas to anyone who is out there.

Happy Knitting!

I’m still knitting!

Tom & I went to the Blandford Fair today. We went in the ’59 Austin Healey Bug Eye Sprite. Because we participated in the “car show” we got in free!
We enjoyed the New England Pot Roast Dinner. The peas & carrots were a little undercooked, but those veggies are good raw so nothing to really complain about there. The meat & potatoes and gravy were delicious. The blueberry pie was different, it had a lot of cinnamon in it.
We walked around and looked at all the exhibits. The kids exhibits were fun to look at. One kid had a bug display. He/she had a BIG dragonfly. The note attached was cute. “No live bugs were sacrificed for this display” Too cute!
We tried to watch the Demolition Derby, but couldn’t see anything. We sat behind the car for a while. (Tom did force me to walk around and look at the other cars.)
While sitting I was knitting! Using my Vesper Sock Yarn in Trick or Treat, which I bought in September 2009. Way overdue to be knit up. On the 7th stripe.

That’s about it for now. Maybe I’ll post again in a year or so.


Christmas has come & gone!

We had a Good Christmas. Spent time with your Daughter, JessaLu & her husband Roger.  We didn’t do big gifts. Budgets are tight. I made Snowflake earrings for Jess & Heather.

Got to enjoy some time with Miss Maddy Beth. And her parents.

Missed our Daughter Amanda and her family, but Pennsylvania is a long ways away. She did put some good pictures up on Facebook. We did the phone call “Merry Christmas”.

We still have no snow. It’s been warm & rainy, then bitter cold and windy. The lake is still open. It freezes and then gets windy and the thin ice breaks up.

I’ve been making more jewelery then knitting. I have knit a few rows on a sock I started years ago. It’s a toe up sock. I sure hope to be able to finish it and start and finish the second one.

Well I hope everyone out there had a Merry Christmas. And Have a Happy Healthy New Year!

My Granddaughter mentioned to me today that I haven’t blogged in a very long time.

Today my friend JoAnne & I went to Starbucks to do a little crafting and have a hot drink. My Granddaughter, Heather, and Great-Granddaughter, Maddy Beth, came down from Adams & met us at Starbucks. I gave Heather Maddy Beth’s Christmas Stocking which I made for her. Continuing a tradition that my Husband’s Grandmother started.
MaddyBeth Christmas Sock 2011 005

Maddy Beth’s Sock is like the one’s my Mother-in-Law knit for our daughters. I generated the pattern with my Sock Wizard program I bought & loaded onto my computer years ago.

Also gave her the mittens that Maddy Beth’s Grandmother, JessaLu, knit for her.Hat & Mittens knit by JessaLu

I have been knitting since my last posting.

Let me think… Some works in progress… Stain-glass fan bag.  Another pair of Misty Morning Mitts.  Forest Canopy Shawl (my second one, done with Lorna’s Laces Sock yarn). Forest Canopy Shawl 2

That’s about all I can think of for now. Hopefully it won’t take me another 11 months to get around to posting again!

Happy Knitting!


Still here …

My word, Facebook is a bad thing. I have not posted on my blog since February!

I have not been doing a lot of knitting. Been working on a dishcloth. Trying to get the right size for a baby sock. I do have the  “Sock Wizard” program on my computer. It’s an older version that I’ve had for a while. All I have to do is put in the gauge, but that means I have to figure it out. I know it’s not hard to do but I have to find something to measure the stitches with and I’m just lazy. Easier to just knit.

Obviously I’m a Process Knitter not a Project Knitter. I love the act of knitting. I’m not a finisher, I’m a starter.

I made a crystal, pearl & seed bead bracelet for my friend JoAnne, it was a late Birthday Gift. And I made a seed bead necklace for my friend Natalie, also a late Birthday gift. I was pleased with the finished items and the recipients liked them too. No pictures, bad blogger.

I spent a couple of days this week helping my daughter Jessa Lu get ready for this Saturday. She will be vending in Clermont, NY on 5/14. She’s at the Clermont Historic Site, they are having a Market Day. Hopefully it will not be raining like the last time. I was in charge of ironing the fabric. She makes really nice box bags. All the fabric is prewashed and dried so that means the bags can be washed & dried. Check them out! http://www.artfire.com/users/jessalu

My Great-Granddaughter is 4 months old now. It doesn’t seem possible. She is a beautiful baby. You will have to believe me, because I’m a bad Great-Grandmother, I don’t have pictures.

I will try to post more often. I hope someone is still out there reading. Have a good weekend, it looks like rain here in New England. But that should help a little with the pollen.

Happy Knitting!

Quick Post

My daughter, JessaLu, is celebrating her 6 year bloginversary. With a contest! So go to her blog http://www.jessaluknits.com/ and leave a comment, mention that I sent you (please) spread the word. Contest ends Tonight, Friday Feb 18 at midnight.

Thanks for taking the time.

Happy Knitting!

It’s been a while

Well, we’ve gotten a bit of snow over the past few months. The amount of snow we have finally struck me today when I saw this site:

Snow Buried Farm Truck 2/2/11

Here’s a picture with Bear

Bear next to Buried Farm Truck 2/2/11

I have no idea how much snow we actually have, but I know it’s enough!

While outside taking pictures Bear came up to me, stood on his back feet and looked at me. I snapped this picture.

Bear, "Mommy, what are you doing?"

I have done a little knitting. Made a hat with Chunky bulky yarn. Probably should have used smaller needles, it’s really loose. 003

It doesn’t snug in like I would like it to. It took 1/2 the skein so I knit the other half up as a neck-warmer. Tom says it’s too bulky. I give up trying to make him a neck warmer. It’s either too big or too bulky.

Since my last post Tom & I have become Great-Grandparents! Baby Madison 1/15/11 This picture was taken 2 days after her birth. Baby Madison 1/22/11 this picture was taken a week later. She had her little hands under her chin. Too precious!

There was Christmas knitting. I made a total of 3 Watch hats. Here are 2 pictures, Tom's Hat 097 I didn’t think to get a picture of Roger’s hat before I gifted it!
I also knit a neck-warmer that I gifted to Marion. She’s our Head Pharmacist Marion's Neck Warmer
That’s about all for now. Hope who ever is still reading this had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
Happy Knitting!